Maximizing Asset Value

Our Asset Management Services are the heartbeat of Cogentrix that ensures the safe, efficient and
cost-effective operation of our assets, while maximizing their value over time.

Asset Management Services

We provide the highest level of service with precision, efficiency and care across the entire spectrum of asset management. With our in-house teams of specialized professionals and cross-functional experts, we have the ability to address all power plant management disciplines such as finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, along with engineering and operations.

When working with our asset management partners and facilities, our philosophy and consistent principles ensures each facility maintains a disciplined culture of safety, environmental care and regulatory compliance. We empower plant personnel to maximize performance efficiency by providing the highest level of resources and expertise, which allows them to explore opportunities for growth and improvement across plant operation.

Commercial Operations

Our experienced team of traders and dispatch professionals work around the clock to obtain the most optimal performance of our power plants. They collaborate across the organization to ensure the highest profit and cash flow realization possible while incorporating a commercial focus in all facets of the business. In conjunction with teams of asset managers, engineers, operators, and analysts, they are vigilant and deliberate in maximizing value and return for our investors.

The Commercial Operations team focuses on short- and long-term hedging, capacity market position management, fuels logistics and cost reductions, environment compliance trading, and 24/7 real-time monitoring and dispatch. These efforts are all focused on the capabilities of the assets we manage with no proprietary, speculative trading that would introduce unnecessary risk.

Operations and Engineering

Cogentrix has been immersed in operational and engineering expertise for decades and we continue to bring above-average capabilities to each project today. Our team of engineers constantly studies and explores new ways to improve operational processes, from enhancing fuel efficiency and analyzing emissions, to monitoring equipment in real-time and introducing new technological advancements.

Financial Management

Assets require skilled and effective financial managers to maximize their return on investments. Our one-stop-shop of financial experts offers a comprehensive range of financial services that cater to all needs – project finance, risk management, insurance, tax, and accounting services. The team focuses on streamlining financial operations, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency. They also provide invaluable insights and advice on financial strategies that can help optimize investments.

Environment, Health and Safety

Workplace safety is paramount and our environmental, health and safety professionals recognize the risks associated with power management and strive to ensure that we keep employees and local communities safe and healthy. Compliance with regulations is not enough – we continuously work to improve processes and procedures in the environment, health and safety field.

Remote Operations Center

Cogentrix conducts real-time operational control for selected assets from a secure, centralized facility. Control center personnel are present 24/7, providing plants with cost-efficient operation, expert attention and outstanding performance. The Center has serviced gas-fired and wind generation with a stellar track record of extremely strong reliability.

Field Services, Outage and Maintenance Support

Plants that are not running are not lucrative. Whether it is a planned maintenance shutdown or an unplanned outage in the middle of a busy period, our Field Services team can provide expert outage and maintenance support to all types of power and industrial facilities. Field Services can diagnose and resolve problems with unmatched speed and accuracy, often conducting repairs onsite and eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming shop visits. Our technicians and engineers provide expertise and professionalism at a cost that works for our customers.

For unmatched service at your power plant or industrial facility, contact our Field Services team.

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Field Services

Cogentrix Field Service offers maintenance, repair, outage planning and management services to power generation facility owners. Our technicians and engineers provide expertise and professionalism at a cost that works for our customers. 


Some of our specialties include:

  • Welding and Fabrication
  • ASME Section 1, B31.1, R & S Stamp Repairs
  • Mechanical Disassembly and Repair
  • Electrical Testing and Repair of all Major Electrical Equipment
  • Owner’s Rep Support Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Generator, and BOP
  • Control System Repair
  • Combustible Gas Thermography

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