Since its founding in 1983, the Cogentrix name has become synonymous with quality in the independent power generation market. Today, Cogentrix remains a leading independent power producer that benefits from a long track record of developing, constructing, and operating power generating assets. The Cogentrix management team has effectively managed market risks over an extended and challenging timeframe by staying focused on the generation sector and adhering to its own steady process discipline. As a result, Cogentrix today continues to deploy its core strengths in the areas of development, acquisitions, engineering, construction, operation and management of power assets toward expanding our generation portfolio.

Cogentrix is embarking on what it believes will be an exciting, high value and robust new chapter in the Company’s continuing growth story. Today’s electric power supply market is evolving into one that embraces renewable and clean thermal generation at a pace un-thought of just a few years ago. This combination of growing demand for renewable generation and the need for reliable, efficient and quickly dispatchable clean thermal generation resources requires an experienced, well-respected development and power management firm like Cogentrix. Accordingly, Cogentrix is focused on the acquisition and development of generating resources that meet the requirements of today’s marketplace and also exhibit opportunity to materially enhance value through environmental improvements, operational enhancement and asset management.

Cogentrix Energy Power Management, LLC is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and is owned by funds managed by The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most diversified multi-product global alternative asset firms.