Cogentrix is a leading independent power producer with a long track record of successfully acquiring, developing, constructing, operating, improving and divesting power generation assets. Consistent with its engineering origins and culture, Cogentrix maintains a disciplined and well-designed approach to asset improvement. The firm’s ability to enhance value has resulted in achieving superior operating performance from its power generation assets while maintaining a minimal and well-managed risk profile. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cogentrix is owned by funds managed by The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest alternative asset management firms, and serves as Carlyle’s in-house power asset management platform.The Cogentrix Team has extensive engineering and operational experience across a broad range of generation technologies, including: (a) gas and oil-fired combined cycle, (b) gas-fired simple cycle, (c) wind powered technologies (d) coal-fired technologies, including scrubbed pulverized and stoker coal units and circulating fluidized bed and waste coal units, (e) solar technologies, including solar thermal and concentrating photovoltaic (“CPV”) and (f) run-of-river hydroelectric generation. The firm’s broad base of capabilities allows it to assist Carlyle in the assessment and pursuit of a wide array of market opportunities. Together, Carlyle and Cogentrix are focused on the acquisition and management of generating resources that exhibit opportunity to materially enhance value through environmental improvements, operational enhancement and asset management.Since its founding in 1983, Cogentrix and its predecessors have been directly involved in the development, ownership, operations and management of coal-fired, natural gas-fired and solar power assets delivering a combined generating capacity in excess of 10 GW. Through the ownership and operation of these plants, Cogentrix has participated in most of the major power regions in the U.S. Cogentrix currently manages plants in the Carlyle portfolio, which has a total net generation of approximately 5,800 MW.
The Carlyle GroupThe Carlyle Group is a global alternative asset manager with more than $203 billion in assets under management across 129 funds and 141 fund of private equity funds vehicles. Founded in 1987 in Washington, DC, Carlyle has grown into one of the world’s largest and most successful investment firms, with more than 1,600 professionals operating in 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Japan, Asia and Australia.