Caine produces clean power to provide electricity to residents.

Caine has six years of wind experience and helps maintain and troubleshoot the 151 wind turbines located at the site in Bliss, NY, which is southeast of Buffalo. Caine has to climb almost 300 feet up a ladder to get to his job site each day. 

Caine is Cogentrix

“We all work together as a team to overcome each obstacle and strategize the best ways to approach a given situation. The Valcour motto is ‘Safe by Choice, Not By Chance.’”

“As a wind technician each day can vary from the next, whether it be completing the usual maintenance on a tower, to installing a new generator slip-ring. One of the biggest challenges in this profession, in my opinion, is the changing environment.  We are constantly affected by the weather, ranging from extremely hot and humid in the summer, below freezing temperatures in the winter, to high winds, and of course lightning.” 

With over six years of working on wind turbines, Caine still sees new things and challenges every day. “My colleagues and I are encouraged to find innovations to make our job safer and more efficient. One of the best things about working here is the family I have developed. We are a close group of technicians who understand that the most important thing is going home safe at the end of the day.”



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