Martin supports our IT infrastructure to ensure user-end productivity and efficiency.

Martin is a “go-to” IT person for Cogentrix employees at corporate offices and plants. If it breaks, he fixes it.  If it’s user error, he guides you.  If there’s a better way, he finds it.  

Martin is Cogentrix

“The best part of my job is getting to work with so many different technologies and engaging with all of Cogentrix.”

“The entire IT team takes tremendous pride in troubleshooting IT hiccups, keeping current with the best technology, and monitoring our networks for security.”  

“No two days are the same for me, which keeps me on my toes and challenges my intellect.  My role allows me to have the opportunity to know just about everyone at Cogentrix.”

Martin is the liaison between the technical folks and the non-technical folks. At times, he must decipher our questions regarding the technology and maneuver around the IT jargon to provide relatable answers for us. He has patience, he has expertise, and he has the answers (or will find them). The juggling act runs the gamut of “I’ve been locked out of my computer” to the entire onboarding process for new employees (hardware and software).




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