Angel makes connections between people and data.

Angel oversees the use of data across all our generating assets. Since the volume is growing exponentially, Angel is instrumental in creating systems to manage our databases, including plant logs, operating statistics, financial information, and equipment availability. She creates value by ensuring we have the right metrics to achieve better outcomes.

Angel is Cogentrix

“I enjoy making work fun and productive. We are surrounded by experts who make a great team!”

“Listening to others is key in achieving results to build better systems, values, and teams.”

“We work hard to collect and store our critical data, but that’s only half the battle.  Making the data accessible and easy to understand is how we enable improved decision-making.  Improved decision making leads to better outcomes for our investors.”

Our team sets aggressive targets, and Angel helps ensure we have the right metrics to achieve those outcomes.  Beyond the targets and data, she understands that ultimately people also need to connect with each other.  One of Angel’s best strengths is working with people from different functional groups to find the best method to meet our company’s goals. With Angel’s support, our operations’ leadership teams engage with each other to find ways to learn from each other and ensure our joint success. Angel makes Cogentrix a great place to work.  



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