Jason protects our team and the environment.

Based in Charlotte and with a background in the oil patch, Jason consults with power plant technicians to ensure the safety of his colleagues and to limit emissions and water usage.

Jason is Cogentrix

“The best part of my job is getting to teach and learn at the same time.”

“We make a special point of collaborating with plant operators.”

They have a tremendous balancing act to run their operations first safely, but then efficiently, reliably and profitably. My job is to help them achieve their EH&S goals as part of an entire system.

“Every plant and every day are different and requires creative thinking. One day I will be focused on waste water, and the next day it will be electrical hazards. I may conduct a training session somewhere yet find myself talking with an engineer about emissions controls. There are many operational variables, and many cases apply to multiple plants. Our wind facilities are constantly contending with working at heights and in confined spaces, and our gas plants face these challenges too. We find ways to apply the best practices and bring them to other plants.”

A typical month for Jason includes a visit to multiple facilities. He will review their procedures and results, make recommendations and conduct training sessions on new safety equipment or environmental controls. Back in the office, Jason may study a potential acquisition to determine what limits apply to the water treatment system, and he will meet with the engineering team to find a way to upgrade or enhance environmental or safety systems.



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