Business Operations Manager
Position Summary:
The Business Operations Manager will provide cost reporting, procurement, job proposal quotation and operational analytics for the Cogentrix Field Service (CFS) organization. The CFS organization is responsible for safe and compliant execution of maintenance service for electric power generation facilities.
The position will report to the Vice President of Operations and will be responsible for the analysis, reporting and forecasting of cost, revenue and man-hours for the CFS team. Also, this position will be responsible for the procurement of materials and contract administration with field service providers (subcontractors) required for the successful execution of the maintenance service work. The responsibilities also include developing and managing the CFS quotation process for the successful award of maintenance service work.
The preferred location for the candidate is Charlotte, NC and will require 30% travel to Cogentrix affiliates and 3rd party customer sites.
The Business Operation Manger will develop and maintain the reporting and visualization tools to assure that CFS personnel’s hourly utilization is maximized. The objective is to assure cost clearance against CFS yearly budgets and the accurate recognition of revenue to CFS’s general ledger. Also, the candidate will align the quotations process with the job cost settlement to the general leger insuring accurate and timely billing to affiliates and 3rd party customers.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Lead and develop each year’s CFS financial budget and productive hour forecast with each affiliate plant and the 3rd party market.
  2. Develop and maintain material, parts, and service (subcontractors) supplier relationships necessary for the related procurement activities with CFS.
  3. Procure materials, subcontractor contracts, and parts required for the execution of CFS maintenance work.
  4. Develop, automate and continuously improve the analysis, visualization and reporting of costs, revenue and man-hour data supporting decision making for the field service business.
  5. Competency and experience with various ERP systems, general ledger, and time tracking software to enable the execution of both cost control and procurement responsibilities.
  6. Competency with analytical and visualization tools such as MS Excel, MS Power BI, Tableau and MS Power Point.
  7. Maintain good relationships with key contractors and suppliers to ensure a network of service providers to supplement the CFS team, affiliate plants and 3rd party customers.
  8. Oversee and maintain the CFS billable rates and personnel categories to competitively align within the industry and market.
  9. Support the quotation process with the maintenance of a historical archive of as bid vs. as quoted” that all CFS jobs are quoted in a timely, cost effective and competitive manner.
  10. Optimize resource utilization by implementation of an effective manpower production forecast and outage plan minimizing nonproductive man-hours.
  11. Ensure that safety guidelines are followed by being actively engage in the Field Service Safety culture and initiatives.
  12. Assist the Operations Vice Presidents with the development of outage schedules to fulfill, including detailed task descriptions, required resources and manpower, estimates, and task assignments.
Required Job-Related Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance or data analytics.
  • Experience with cost control, procurement, technical project management and a minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in a related power generation, oil and gas, marine industries.
  • Demonstrated strong communications, analytical and presentation skills with utilizing data to direct and manage a business.
  • Demonstrated experience with planning, managing and forecasting with business critical process indicators.
  • Familiarity and desire to learn procurement and contracts fundamentals.
  • Expertise in using data visualization software (Tableau, Power BI) and Excel pivot tables data for data analytics.
If interested, please send resumes to