Cogentrix has consistently focused on sustaining the value of our facilities and providing outstanding service to our customers. To achieve these goals, Cogentrix adopted a proactive maintenance strategy aimed at minimizing plant down-time, mitigating risks and controlling expenses that has been implemented by Cogentrix Field Services (“CFS”). CFS is a team of highly skilled, industry certified technicians whose expertise is shared by all Cogentrix operating facilities to conduct emergency or planned maintenance outages. CFS provides unequaled outage and maintenance support to all facilities managed and operated by Cogentrix. Central deployment of CFS and the ability to rapidly mobilize with little prior notice allows individual plants to avoid costs typically associated with outside contractors that would otherwise be utilized during outage periods, along with the volatility of third-party pricing, operational risks and the inherent scheduling uncertainties associated with reliance on third-party contractors.

CFS Contracted Support

In addition to the long-standing internal support CFS has provided to the operating fleet of Cogentrix, in 2010 CFS began providing these same services on a contract basis to companies interested in utilizing the expertise of CFS for their own outage and/or repair needs. Our combustion and steam turbine specialists, electrical specialists and boiler specialists are now available to deliver extensive maintenance and repair services as well as superior outage planning and management services to power companies across the United States. In addition to technical support, CFS also offers “Owner’s Representation” assistance to companies with established OEM maintenance agreements. Contracted support to other companies has allowed CFS to gain a broader scope of experience in a wide range of technologies and has enhanced our buying power with parts and services providers which can be passed through to our customers. CFS recognizes that revenues from power generation are directly linked to a plant’s availability for power production and has the experience and capability to plan and execute outages that are on schedule and within budget. CFS now conducts business in multiple locations throughout the United States and can be called upon at all hours to meet the needs of our customers.