At Cogentrix EHS is an integral part of the development, construction and operation of all of its power plants. The entire management team at Cogentrix has remained committed to EHS excellence and has made EHS a top priority throughout the organization.

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) efforts at Cogentrix have resulted in:

Cogentrix-operated plants consistently observe an OSHA Reportable Incident Rate that is less than half of the industry average. The culture of compliance at Cogentrix has translated into tangible economic benefit as well as more difficult to quantify reputational benefits. Cogentrix-operated plants consistently observe low occurrence of operating permit deviations and well below the industry benchmarks for penalty amounts due to exceedances or permit deviations at its power plants.

Among other practices, the Cogentrix EHS team, in collaboration with asset management and operations, has instituted Gensuite reporting protocol that immediately alerts not only asset management but also every member of the senior management team at Cogentrix, upon the occurrence of a possible exceedance, violation or inquiry from any regulatory body. In response to any reported incidents, Cogentrix implements best practices company-wide in order to prevent future events at other facilities.