Cogentrix has built a strong reputation within the electric power sector through a commitment to clean, efficient and cost-effective operation and construction of power generation facilities. Cogentrix strives to preserve this commitment by instilling a culture of environmental stewardship as an integral component of every aspect of our power generation activities.

Evolving environmental and regulatory reforms continue to change the landscape of the electric power industry. Cogentrix has consistently been at the forefront of technological advances aimed at reducing carbon emissions while maintaining production and reliability. These advances are an important part of our continued success in a dynamic regulatory environment. Cogentrix utilizes its deep technical and operational expertise to create and maintain value through strict environmental compliance at its facilities.

Every Cogentrix facility is subject to numerous federal, state and local regulatory requirements established to ensure the protection of the environment as well as the health and safety of the general public and our operating personnel. Through the continued development of internal policies supported by over thirty years of operating experience, Cogentrix is well positioned to meet all regulatory requirements demanded of today’s electric power generation industry. Our reputation has proven that the integration of environment, health and safety into all aspects of operation, development and construction of our facilities is a cornerstone of our success.