On average, the Cogentrix engineering and construction personnel possess 30 years of experience in the power industry. The Cogentrix engineering staff possesses the full complement of engineering disciplines necessary to support the design, development and construction of power plants and for the undertaking of substantial capital modifications and upgrades to existing power plants.

The skills of the Cogentrix engineering and construction team are a large contributor to Cogentrix’s track record for power plant expansions and physical optimization. Cogentrix has acted as its own EPC contractor in the construction of 14 power plants with gross generation capacity of 1,565 MW, including nine coal-fired plants, three gas-fired combined cycle power plants, one gas-fired simple cycle power plant and one concentrating photovoltaic power plant. Additionally, Cogentrix served as the EPC contractor for retrofitting of flue gas desulfurization scrubbers on two coal-fired plants. In addition, the engineering team has been responsible for identifying and implementing numerous physical plant optimizations.

Below is a detailed list of plants have been successfully completed by Cogentrix acting as its own EPC contractor.
engineering sites

Additionally, Cogentrix engineering and construction personnel managed EPC contractors during the construction of five high efficiency combined cycle power plants totaling 3,545 MW of installed capacity. Cogentrix provided engineering oversight, startup coordination and O&M for these projects.