Cogentrix Field Services, LLC

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boiler_repair_photo-newSteam Turbine Outage Support
CFS offers Technical direction services, Owner’s Rep technical assistance, as well as complete turnkey outage support. Turbine experience ranging from 15 MW Mitsubishi up to 723 MW Toshiba steam turbines as well as a variety of GE, Westinghouse, ABB, Alstom and Elliott steam turbines.

Combustion Turbine Outage Management
CFS has experience and offers Technical direction services and Owner’s Rep technical assistance for 501D/F/G and GE 7EA/FA as well as other combustion turbines.

Generator Inspection and Testing Services
CFS provides Generator condition assessment, pre-outage planning, repair oversight and owners representative technical assistance. Experience ranging from 15 MW Mitsubishi to 1100 MW Westinghouse generators.

Boiler Inspections
CFS offers complete boiler inspection services including UT surveys of waterwall tubes, superheater, boiler bank and economizer tubes. Detailed reports to include recommendations are provided in addition to the mapped results.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair
Emergency tube repairs as well as component repairs, fabrication and replacement for economizers, superheater, reheater panels, and waterwalls for both conventional boilers and HRSGs. All pressure vessel work is performed under our ASME and National Board stamps with in-house welders certified in a wide range of procedures.

Electrical Support
CFS Electrical Testing services includes protective relay and meter testing and calibration, infrared scanning, medium voltage cable testing, transformer testing, battery testing, medium and low voltage breaker testing and ground system testing. CFS Electrical Group is supported by our internal NERC personnel and stays abreast of NERC PRC-005 and the Compliance Application Notices (CANS). CFS also performs protective system upgrade supported by our in-house engineering support.

NERC Support
CFS assists facilities in meeting or exceeding NERC and RRO requirements for GO/GOP’s by establishing an Internal Compliance Program fitted to each individual facility. CFS has experience in management of programs, preparing for Regional Audits, and mitigation of possible violations. We offer assessments to determine your level of compliance and RRO pre-audit services with confidential assessment reports offering recommendations.

Cogentrix Field Services holds ASME “S” “PP” and “U” and National Board “R” stamps. In-house Qualified Certified Welding Inspectors.

Safety is of primary importance and an ongoing focus for Cogentrix Field Services. We have established an exemplary safety record with no lost time accidents and we continually stay up-to-date on all aspects of safety training making us a Featured Contractor for outstanding safety compliance with ISNetworld.


To discuss your specific projects and needs, please contact Cogentrix Field Services, LLC via email or phone 704-672-2700

Cogentrix Field Services is a subsidiary of Cogentrix Energy Power Management, LLC. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. Cogentrix is a recognized leader in the independent power industry for its proven capabilities in meeting regulatory and commercial commitments. In addition to the corporate office in Charlotte, the Company has a Field Services Fabrication shop and office in Roxboro, North Carolina.